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The global truck and bus market is constantly growing and the Pure Car and Truck Carriers (PCTCs) and RoRo vessels are optimal for transporting large rolling units such as trucks, trailers, buses etc. This type of cargo is normally stowed on the decks with higher height together with the break bulk cargo.

Trucks, trailers and buses are stowed and secured in lanes with the parking brake activated and a low gear engaged. Semi-trailers are stowed and secured in the same way, but also supported by a trailer horse / trestle in the front.

The process of loading and unloading these large rolling units onto the vessel is streamlined in all aspects and is quickly performed via the stern ramp.


What types of products are used?

Trucks, trailers and buses require stronger lashing equipment than for example cars. RoRo has an adapted assortment of products for this purpose and the most common products include heavy web lashings, trailer chokes and trailer horses.



A popular variant of a web lashing is the so-called rollash. There is a loop in one end of the rollash that can be easily fixed around the truck's axle without the need for a sling.


Trailer chocks

Trailer chocks can also be used as an extra security measure to stop the truck from moving during transport.

trailer chocks

Trailer jack

A trailer jack is a similar product as the trailer horse for securing the trailer to the deck.


Trailer Horse

Trailers also need to be attached to the deck somehow. A common and efficient solution is the so-called trailer horse that supports the weight of the trailer and makes it possible to secure it on deck.


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