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Shipping machinery equipment is a big challenge since the range of different types of machines and products is very wide and may pose challenges in terms of load securing and logistics due to its size and weight. Some of the products are rolling equipment (tractors, dumpers, wheel loaders etc.) that can be driven on to the vessel, whereas some products such as mining equipment, wind turbine blades etc. first needs to be loaded on a rolltrailer and then loaded onto the vessel.

Machinery is an important part of the mix of products loaded onto a RoRo vessel and a number of the decks are usually dedicated to heavy and large equipment.


What types of products are used?

This type of heavy and sensitive cargo needs to be handled with great care and be secured safely by using the correct and approved products. RoRo has a well-adapted assortment for securing heavy cargo in an efficient way. The customer can choose between using chain lashings or heavy web lashings; both options has advantages and disadvantages.

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Chain Lashing

A chain lashing is normally used for securing heavy cargo. It consists of a chain and a lever. The lever is used to tighten the chain and make sure that the chain lashing is pulling down the load towards the deck.


Extension handle

An extension handle can be used in combination with a chain lashing in order to tension the chain lashing in an easy way.


Speed lash

When using chain lashings a tool called a speed lash can be used to tighten the chain with a machine. This is particularly used for heavy loads and heavy chain.



A popular variant of a web lashing is the so called Rollash. The Rollash has a loop in the long end that easily can be fixated around an axle without using a sling.


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