Deck Accessories

Deck accessories

Over the years, we have extended our core assortment with accessories that are used on deck onboard the vessel and help the personnel to handle cargo safely and efficiently. Examples include steel bins for storage, traffic cones and signs to create a safe environment.

Not all our deck accessories are listed here, but please see below for a snapshot of our assortment. Our philosophy is that we try to help our shipping customers with whatever accessories they might need.

deck accessories

What types of products are used?

Steel bin

For storage of chain products, lashings and the like, a steel bin is commonly used on deck. It can handle heavy products and is easily moved by a truck.


Traffic Signs & Traffic Cones

On deck where many different vehicles are on the move, products such as traffic cones, traffic signs and separation tape keep staff and cargo safe.


Work Clothes

RoRo also supplies work clothes and safety gear such as hard hats, reflective vests and watch protectors. In case of oil spillage absorbents and rags are common cleaning products used.

RoRo also supplies various products for marking up cargo with its destination or other relevant information on stickers and hangers

Deck Accessories Work Clothes

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