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Container trade is estimated to account for around 60 percent of all seaborne trade and provides a very important logistics service for all smaller equipment transported world wide. Online shopping and globalization has dramatically increased this need in the last few years.

The containers are easy to use for intermodal transports when moving them between trucks, ships and railroads. They come in standard sizes (20ft and 40ft) and are therefore easy to stack neatly and efficiently. A large modern container ship can carry up to 21,000 container units.


What types of products are used?

A container needs load securing equipment for two different purposes. The first purpose is to secure the goods within the container and to make sure that the goods are not moved or damaged during transport. Products like dunnage bags, web lashings, one-way lashings are used for this. The other need is to secure the container on to the deck or to another container, the most common product for this purpose is the twist lock.

Please see more details below on what products RoRo International can offer to make your container cargo secure.


Dunnage bag

Another load securing method inside the container is to use dunnage bags. This is a cost-efficient product filling up empty space and preventing the cargo from moving.
This is a more time- and cost-efficient solution than using wood and pallets for the same purpose. The dunnage bags are filled using a filling tool.

Dunnage bags

Filling tool

The two most popular versions av filling tools are electric or pneumatic.
RoRo have a few different variants in the assortment. Please contact us for more info.

Filling tool

Corner protection

In order to protect the valuable cargo, a corner protection is often used in combination with a web lashing.

Corner protection products comes in many different forms and variations.


Twist locks

Twist locks are used to attach containers to each other and are placed in the container corners. These locks come in different variants all available from the RoRo assortment.

twist locks

Tensioning Tool

To secure goods inside a container in a safe and cost-efficient way, one-way-lashings and one-way-locks are commonly used. To tighten these straps a tensioning tool must be used; this can be mechanical, pneumatic or electrical.

tensioning tool


During the course of a container transport temperatures on board may vary greatly, resulting in humidity creation inside containers which in turn may lead to oxidation and corrosion of steel products. Absorbents can prevent this issue.


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