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The automotive industry is a global business that is constantly growing and RoRo vessels are the preferred choice of transporting new and old cars all over the world. The large PCTC (Pure Car Truck Carrier) vessels has a capacity to carry up to 8500 car units and many million cars are transported around the world every year. The process of loading and unloading cars onto the vessel is streamlined in all aspects and is quickly performed via the stern ramp.

The cars are carefully organized and tightly stowed in longitudinal direction with a distance of 0,1-0,3 m in transverse as well as in longitudinal direction. The hand brakes of the cars are applied and a low gear is engaged. Passengers cars on board RoRo ferries are normally not lashed, but sometimes it is needed due to hard weather or other circumstances.


What types of products are used?

To safely transport a car on a RoRo vessel, you need several different products securing the car on deck. RoRo International offers a wide range of solutions, and has a long history of helping customers choose the right products suited to their needs.

Car lashings are the most common product used for securing cars and usually four car lashings are required per car. The car lashings can either be applied in the towing eye of the car, or in the rims of the wheel by the help of a car sling.

Car chocks are generally not used for cars unless in some special occasions; the cars are stowed in transverse direction, the cars are stowed in ramps, the hand brake of the car is defect or the weight of the car is extreme.

Please see below for more details about the products that RoRo International supplies to make sure that there will be a safe transport of the cars onboard the vessel.


Car Lash

The most common solution is the car lash; a type of web lash with a quick and easy locking mechanism securing the car efficiently. The car lash is most commonly attached to a towing eye located in the car chassi. The towing eye is then fixed to the deck. Typically the break load (BL) for a car lash is 2 tons and MSL 1 ton.


Car Sling

A car sling is used when there is no towing eye on the car. The sling is attached to the rim or wheel to connect to a car lash to prevent wheel damage. Car slings come in several different variants, some include extra padding to guarantee no rim damage is caused.


Towing Eye

The towing eye is attached to the car chassi and provides a very handy lashing point for the car lashing.


Car Chock

Car chocks are used as an extra security measure to prevent car movement, not least when the car is placed “transversally” in which case four car lashings and one car chock are typically required.


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