What do you need to secure?


To safely transport a car on a RoRo vessel, you need several different products securing the car on deck. RoRo International offers a wide range of solutions, and has a long history of helping customers choose the right products suited to their needs.

Trucks, Trailers & buses

Trucks, trailers and bus chassis are common cargo types on RoRo vessels. They require stronger lashing equipment than cars, and RoRo has a customised assortment for trucks and trailers.


When you ship machinery it often involves a wide range of cargo of different sizes and weight. This is true whether you are transporting agricultural machinery, tractors, lifting cranes, mining machinery or other. This type of heavy and sensitive cargo needs to be handled with great care an be secured safely.

Breakbulk & Rolltrailers

As a rule, all cargo that cannot be rolled on or off the RoRo vessel is referred to as a brek bulk cargo. It can be anything from machine equipment and windmill rotor blades to trains or boats. The cargo is loaded onto a rolltrailer and then transported onto the ship using a tuggmaster.

Deck Accessories

Over the years, we have extended our core assortment with accessories that are used on deck onboard the vessel and help the personnel to handle cargo safely and efficiently. Examples include steel bins for storage, traffic cones and signs to create a safe environment.


Our container assortment includes products that help our customers secure their goods inside the container, whilst keeping humidity levels under control as well as keeping a series of containers secured to one another.


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