Road Transports

Road Transports


Logistics companies transporting goods by road require robust cargo securing equipment and quick deliveries.

Several different types of transportation take place on the road, ranging from a large truck with a semi trailer to a passenger car with a small trailer. All are demanded by law to use load securing products ensuring that the load is safely stowed and will not move or fall off during transport. RoRo has customised assortments for all types of carriages.

truck with box van

What types of products are used?

Truck with a box van

Popular products to use with this type of truck include cargo bars, web lashings, corner protections etc. The cargo bar is a product that is quick and easy to use and saves time for the driver when securing the goods. Web lashings and corner protections are two flexible products that can be used to strap almost any type of product.

truck with box van

Cargo bars


Web lash


Corner protection

Truck with semi-trailer

The semi-trailer truck is commonly used all over the European market. The most common system for securing the goods is simple web lashings. In combination with the lashings rubber mats can be used to increase the friction.


Rubber mat


Web lash



Truck for machine transport

Machine transports are typically very heavy and requires robust and strong lashing system. Chain lashings in combination with load binders is a common and efficient solution.

load binder

Load binder

chain lashing

Chain lashings

Truck with open trailer

For open trailers the goods vary a lot and it can be anything from steel plates to concrete panels that is loaded on the trailer. Web lashings, chain lashings, turnbuckles are common products for securing this type of goods.


Web lash

chain lashing

Chain lashings

Trailer for passenger cars

For smaller trailers used together with passenger cars the most common load securing product is typically a smaller web lash (25-35mm). A corner protection product can also be used to avoid damaging the goods.

web lash 35 mm

Web lash 25 mm

corner protection

Corner Protection

Passenger cars

When loading passenger cars on to a trailer there is a special made product called wheel lashing that is commonly used. It is a special lashing that is strapped around the car wheel and provides a safe transport for the car.

web lash 35 mm

Web lash 35 mm


Wheel lash 50 mm


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