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Our ambition is to offer a complete range of webbings, chains, car lashings, hooks and fittings, friction material and corner protections. Our customers are spread out around the globe and they expect quick and efficient logistics services. Having our own production facilities in Sweden, Europe and China means we are flexible and can dispatch an order the same day from our warehouse – whether it’s by land or sea. We even have our own trucks for quick local deliveries. On time-delivery will be met at all costs.


To safely transport a car on a Ro-Ro vessel, you need several different products securing the car on deck. Ro-Ro International offers a wide range of solutions, and has a long history of helping customers choose the right products suited to their needs.

Terminals & Stevedores

The stevedoring companies located in ports are load securing experts, and their task is to load and unload goods to the ship as quickly and safely as possible. This type of operation might require different types of load securing equipment depending on the task at hand.

Road Transportation

Logistics companies transporting goods by road require robust cargo securing equipment and quick deliveries. Several different types of transportation take place on the road, ranging from a large truck with a semi trailer to a passenger car with a small trailer.


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